Policies + FAQs

I gladly accept returns for refunds on most items within 30 days. Some items are final sale or have restocking fees. See full terms below to avoid any issues or surprises. You can also message me if you have questions.

Contact Me Anytime
Text Only Number: (213) 712-7774
Facebook Messenger: Espi Lane Tees & Clothing
Instagram Messaging: @espi_lane
Current Etsy: EspiLane
Old Etsy: L415andCo

I accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AfterPay (no minimum), and ShopPay Payments ($50 minimum). I reserve the right to refuse service. Orders flagged as medium or high risk for fraud are cancelled.

I gladly refund eligible items that are returned within 30 days. Be sure to keep all tags attached. Keep all protective stuffing, dust bags, and plastic on items like sunglasses, wallets, bags. Please note:  there is a restock fee of 15% of the order total for refunds on Handmade Clothing and Loungefly/Bioworld orders over $50.

As a small, handmade shop I do not offer free returns. The buyer is responsible for all return postage.

Handmade Made-to-order clothing can be returned within 30 days of the delivery date to you. Due to the Handmade nature there is a 15% restock fee on returns of orders over $50. If exchanging or wanting store credit there is NO RESTOCK FEE.

T-shirts that are cut (cropped) or any custom made item is final sale.

Email/DM/Text and I can provide fabric info, measurements, etc to help you make an informed purchase that will not require a return.

Return Address
300 S Thomas St Ste 302
Pomona CA 91766 USA

I do not accept the following returns:
• items with the tags, protective packaging or barcode sticker, removed
• items not in the same condition as sent (pet hair, smoke, makeup, etc)
• past the return policy
• items on sale for events: Summer/Spring Sale, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc
• used or washed garments
• custom orders / items with alterations
• swimwear & lingerie
• promotional or free items
• blind boxes or mystery items
• final sale items (see item detail/description)

At this time, I do not offer exchanges on bags, t-shirts, printed leggings, and accessories. You can return the item(s) you no longer want, and make a new purchase from my site (if still available)or request store credit. The buyer is responsible for return postage. Exchanges are available on select handmade clothing only. Contact for details. 

If you qualified for free shipping and a return drops the order below the promotional amount the cost of shipping will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. You will only be billed for the shipping cost of the item(s) kept.

*Loungefly items must have their stuffing, any dust bag, plastic, and tags still attached. Please inspect your item prior to use. 

**Take care when trying on skate guards. I cannot take anything back with marks or scuffs, especially if you tighten the toe stop on a guard.

***Please keep in mind that handmade items are sewn by me. I do not have help or manufacturing. Each item I sew takes me a lot of time to make. I encourage you to ask questions prior to ordering to ensure a return will not have to be made. Email/DM/Text and I can provide fabric info, measurements, etc to help you make an informed purchase.

Allow 3-7 working days for me to create your item from raw material. I am currently unable to offer rushed sewing services. Working days exclude weekends and holidays. Custom made or altered items are final sale, and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

Due to the made-to-order nature of the items there is a restock fee of 15% on returns of orders $50 and up

There is NO RESTOCKING FEE on items that are exchanged or returned for store credit.

Please note that I am not a fast-fashion brand. I am not Am@z0n or Sh3in or @liExpress. I do not manufacture these items, or have them made for me in any way. I cut and sew each item after you order it. Please read the item details, fabric info, and sizing. Time and materials are very limited so I appreciate you not ordering with an intent to return (ordering one of each size or length to only keep one).

I am available by text 213-712-7774 and email to assist you with your handmade purchase. Take advantage of this to avoid returns and restock fees.

See my size guides for more help.

Our bodies are unique so it's difficult for me to guarantee a certain fit. Garment design, body shape, leg length, & your personal preference of fit vary by person. If possible, compare the garment measurements to an item you already own. Don't forget to check each item description or visit my size chart for more help.

New plus size items are being added. As I get going all printed leggings will go up to 6XL, Swimwear up to 3XL, and graphic tees at 3XL (more sizes can be printed custom). Most Handcrafted clothing is available in up to 3XL currently and will be up to 6XL shortly.

For Loungefly related issues see "Loungefly Quality, Flaws & Uniqueness".
For Skate Gear related issues "Skating Gear Policies"

If you see an error in your order please keep all tags attached and notify me immediately. I am not responsible for normal wear (snags, tears, stains, popped seams, etc) on worn & used purchases. If an item is damaged from delivery please take as many pics as you can and either email or text right away for assistance.

Some orders may ship separate. Things like black graphic tees, printed swimwear, phone cases, and printed leggings are printed/sewn/fulfilled by my partner, and ship individually.

If you've sent me an email with no response check your spam/junk mail or use a different contact method.

Message before the item ships for any order changes.

Cancellations are only possible if a request is put in immediately after the order was placed. Try to request within 30 mins or sooner. Once an item has been printed, cut, or a shipping label created you’ll need to return the item for a refund. 

Please contact me before your item ships with any address changes. I am not responsible for items shipped to a incorrect address.

Please allow up to 72 hours for carriers to scan packages that have been picked up or dropped off.

I am not responsible for postage costs on 'returned to sender' items if you give an incomplete/incorrect address, or give a business name, nickname, username, or alias not on file with USPS.

If you live outside the USA and choose to use a 3rd party fulfillment center you are responsible for arranging shipment and taxes with them. Once the item is delivered to the address you provided in your order I am no longer responsible to loss or lack of delivery. If you do not pay the required taxes with the 3rd party you're item could be held, delayed, or become lost. Use 3rd Party Shipping Centers at your own risk.

If an item is never tracked as delivered you may receive a refund or replacement 10 days from the last tracking event, or an insurance claim can be filed.

If you provided an incorrect or incomplete address a refund will be issued minus the postage on your order 10 days after the last tracking event (if lost or undelivered). The cost of the item will be withheld until the item is been returned to sender.

• check with household members or neighbors
• check around the house in case the item is hidden
• check that you gave the correct address
• wait up to 72 hours for the package to come in case the carrier scanned the item early

If you've tried all of the above. I can file a missing mail request on your behalf. If the carrier confirms the item was delivered to the wrong GPS/geolocation a claim for loss will be filed with the carrier. Refunds, address changes, replacements, or item substitutes are not available on items tracked as delivered.

I am an Authorized Loungefly & Official Licensed Merch retailer. All items are new, licensed, and direct from the manufacturer's warehouse or distributor.

To keep things fair some items are limited. Limit to (1) one Pre-Order of each item. Limit (2) two of an In-Stock item. There is no limit on sale items, or items that have been in stock for longer than 1 month. Those who try and bypass a product limit will have the extras canceled.

Blind bags are surprise toys. It's unknown what item you're going to get until you open it. I cannot refund or guarantee a specific toy/keychain. All sales are final.

A lot goes into making a Loungefly bag. And with so much unusual detail it's hard to make each element perfect. It is not unusual for some bags & wallets to have different pattern placement than shown, visible stitch marks (especially around corners and hard to sew areas), small spots, scuffs, fabric indentations, etc. Any elements like: arms, legs, bows, etc may not be perfectly straight, and could require positioning. On rare occasions the metal plaque may be upside down, or there may be a misprint. Customers are shipped the product I am given.

Returns are available if you are not happy with your collectible's variant. The buyer is responsible for return postage on all Loungefly & Licensed items. I cannot guarantee the same item will still be available for re-order, and I cannot offer exchanges due to their limited, collectible nature. I cannot replace or send extra charms, zipper pulls, straps, etc.

I cannot take returns on items where the buyer has attempted to fix or improve something on their item. For example: using a hair dryer to reshape the bag, using paint to fix a spot, attempting to restitch a patch or sequin on, etc.

Please be aware that certain chemicals, lotions, sunscreens, and extreme heat can hurt your bag. These are made of made made leather (vinyl PU) and can fade, warp, crack, or stain if not careful.

If you believe the item has a flaw due to shipping please send me photos so I can assist in filing a claim.

Do not place Pre-Order and In-Stock items in the same cart unless you are ok with the in-stock item shipping at the later date. To avoid issues your order may be marked as "on hold" or "partially fulfilled" and will have the tracking number updated when all items are paid for & ship out. It is best to order in-stock and pre-orders separate.

Do not place pre-orders through Instagram or Facebook checkout. The pre-orders almost always get canceled or voided in Facebook's system. If your pre-order is scheduled to arrive within 1-2 weeks your payment will be processed and a shipping label post-dated before Facebook can void the order.

You cannot change or edit the items in a pre-order. I am unable to edit, add to, or take off items from a pre-order due to the deferred credit card pre-authorization. If you need to change the item(s) ordered you will have to cancel and reorder.

If signing up for notifications you will be emailed when the item is available for Pre-Order or is In-Stock.

Pre-Orders have yet to be released, or have an unknown release date. Most Pre-Orders arrive within 4-6 weeks, but may be as long as 12 weeks. Any date changes come directly from the manufacturer and effect every retailer. You can contact me anytime for an update (as often as you like).

There is no upfront cost when paying by card to Pre-Order an item. If paying by credit card you will be charged when your item is getting ready to ship. You will receive notice 12 hours before the charge goes through. Please allow me 7-10 working days to ship a Pre-Order once charged so I can check each item to ensure you get a great item with no apparent flaws.

You can cancel a Pre-Order at any time prior to shipping. If you have been charged (or choose to pay in full) and want to cancel before the item ships there is a 10% cancellation fee on the order total (including shipping, etc). This is because the pre-order and payment processors charge non-refundable transaction fees upon your payment. Once the item has been shipped you'll have to return the item. Returned items are subject to a 10% restock fee minus postage paid to ship the item. Address changes are available prior to shipping. I am not responsible for items that ship to the wrong address.

AfterPay, ShopPay, Paypal Payments cannot delay or defer charges. While you should not be able to use these services to reserve an order there are certain ways it can bypass the system. In this case you'll either get cancelled OR be charged in full and have to start making any payments right away. Your item will be marked as 'fulfilled' and remain unshipped until the release date. To avoid this use a normal credit card payment during checkout. If you cancel an AfterPay, ShopPay, or PayPal payment paid in full there is a 10% cancellation fee.

Buyers will not receive an item prior to the manufacturer's release date. Pre-Ordering doesn't promise you'll get an item before anyone else.

Orders are fulfilled as First-Come-First-Serve. If a Pre-Ordered item becomes unavailable (or comes to me damaged) your pre-order could be cancelled (starting from the last person that ordered). If I have to cancel your Pre-Order I will notify you with the reason right away and you will not be charged any fees.
 I know these items are hard to get and I will give you the option of keeping a flawed or damaged item before cancelling. 

IF A PAYMENT FAILS. Your order may be automatically cancelled. You'll have to place a new order. If an item is sold out I cannot reserve an item if your pre-order fails due to payment issues.

If you lose your Pre-Order confirmation please contact me.

When you place an order through EspiLane, your Order Information will be maintained until you ask for it to be deleted. You are responsible for checking your junk/spam folders for emails about your Pre-Order.

Pre-orders are not always offered, and available by first-come-first-serve only. Items ship as soon as they are available. Pre-Orders have yet to be released, or have an unknown release date. Most Pre-Orders arrive within 4-6 weeks, but may be as long as 12 weeks. Any date changes come directly from the manufacturer and can effect every retailer. It's very possible that each retailer will receive their shipment sooner or later than others due to logistics issues with the manufacturer. Pre-Ordering will not guarantee an item at a specific date or time.

I ship Loungefly & licensed goods to USA ONLY due to licensing/royalty restrictions. If you live outside the US your order will be cancelled/refunded. You can order here instead:, or use a shipping service of your own. This includes overseas Armed Forces.

I ship unlicensed goods to: USA, US based Armed Forces, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Buyers from outside the USA are required to pay taxes or VATs.

As of July 1, 2021 I can no longer sell to the EU, and certain countries due to tax laws. I hope this is temporary, and are discussing options with an intermediary. Do not order if you live within an area I do not ship to. Do not mix-and-match your address to a country I ship to! If you order anyway and provide an incorrect address that results in a lost package a refund will be issued minus postage costs and the cost of the item.

My skate gear is made using PVC & plastic materials. They can get scratched easier than real leather. Skating is dangerous. If it can break your bones it can break your gear too. I'm not able to refund or replace damaged items, and I'm not liable for injuries incurred while skating. Always use the right equipment for your needs. Plastic guards and guards with spikes are NOT recommended if you are practicing falls, learning new moves, going to skate parks, or just starting out. These sessions will get more use out of a sewn thick (real) leather guard.

I encourage you to try on your guards and gear. To ensure that you do not leave marks on your caps do not tighten your toe stop until you are sure they fit. I will not accept returns on items with marks or dings.

Wholesale is available through Faire for select products:

Wholesale is not available on products that are not made by me. I reserve the right to protect my work, my customers & the IPs of my licensed product vendors. Dropshipping sites that list my items do so without permission. Use of my photos is not allowed, unless the photo links to my Etsy / website.

I am not authorized to sell licensed goods at wholesale or tax-exempt pricing. If you wish to carry licensed goods in your store you must apply for an account with the distributor directly.

Reselling my patches or your own garments is allowed only if the patch is part of a unique project offered for sale. I do not allow my patches to be sold via an e-commerce sites like Etsy, Amazon, etc. You may not sell my patches on blank t-shirts, hats, caps, totes, beanies, socks, etc as this is too similar to goods I already offer online. I reserve the right to refuse service. Bulk purchases may be subject to a resale agreement.

Certain products sold here can expose you to chemicals including di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP), diisononyl phthalate (DINP), bisphenol-A (BPA), cadmium, and lead or lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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